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Cosmetics are a part of our lives every single day. We bathe, brush our teeth, shampoo our hair, slather on lotions & potions every single day. It's important to us that these products are safe, but also fun, colorful & magical. Who says we must sacrifice fun for safety? Turns out you don’t! Here at Moonwinx, we offer quality, trustworthy, safe products that are chock full of fun!

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Our family, the Moons, have long struggled with allergies, autoimmune conditions, and other skin sensitivities. With my family’s wellbeing at heart, I went in search of answers to the Moon’s allergy troubles. After much research, it became clear that cosmetics were the culprit, with many beauty brands using tons of unnecessary and often dangerous chemicals. After months of research and formulation, the Moonwinx bath bomb was born! Our soap, lotion and bubble bars came soon after & we’re still formulating new products to add to our growing collection. 

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Nothing Impure

Made with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

baking soda & citric acid

Water softening! The water we use is probably the last thing most of us think about when taking a bath, but hard water for those with sensitive skin can create unnecessary problems. Hard water contains excess minerals like magnesium & calcium which builds up in pipes & fixtures, causing costly problems. That same hard water also causes build up on your skin and prevents soap from lathering properly, leaving a layer of soap combined with those residual minerals leaving you feeling dry & tight. Citric acid and baking soda (a.k.a. sodium bicarbonate) work together in the bath to dissolve those minerals and balance the pH of the water, leaving your skin clean and clear!

tapioca starch

Tapioca starch is a great detoxifying agent and will help you look and feel your best.

kaolin clay

Kaloin clay is one of the gentlest and most versatile clays available, and suitable for all skin types – especially sensitive skin. While kaolin is available is in several colors, we only use white kaolin, which is typically regarded to be of the highest quality. Kaolin is the holy grail of beneficial clays and is known for the following skin benefits: Absorbs excess oil, naturally cleanses, soothes skin, mild exfoliator & evens out skin tone.

apricot kernel oil

Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, apricot kernel oil is a dry oil which means it absorbs into the skin quickly & easily, making it an ideal carrier oil for all the goodness packed into each bath.

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